Protection For Your Car

We can confidently say that very few companies have the intimate knowledge of auto insurance that we do. We've been providing it for many years. We take it very seriously, and we're proud to say we are among the very best at what we do.

We are one of the largest automobile insurers in New England, an we pride ourselves on being among the top companies in the industry for efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our claims department is recognized as one of the finest anywhere.

Our agency can offer you a competitively priced product that will perfectly fit for your needs, and we will be happy to explain the various discounts, credits, and other savings that may be available to you.

Save on Your Auto Insurance Premium

You can receive a 17% discount on your auto insurance premium! Insure both your personal auto and home with us and we will apply a discount to your auto policy annually.

As an added bonus, The All Perils deductible will be waived in the event there is a loss that applies to both your homeowners and auto policies.

These discounts also apply to the condominium policy holders. So if you are not already taking advantage of these great offers, then get the credit you deserve and contact us for the details.

Do You Know About Our Auto Insurance Discounts?

Some of these credits include, but are not limited to...
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • Advanced Driver Training Discount
  • Low-Mileage Credit
  • Anti-Theft Discount

Contact Us for more information on discounts!