Investing in condominium insurance will help you protect your personal property from certain losses that may occur within your specific unit or the liability you could face if someone is accidentally injured in your unit.

Our Condo Insurance is designed specifically to protect condominiums and their owners. It provides all the core protection that condo owners need, and for those requiring extra protection, we offer a multitude of endorsements.

Condominium Insurance provides protection in five critical areas:


Your “dwelling” is the real property owned by you and for which you are responsible. This may include cabinets, walls, ceilings and fixtures within your condominium. You should refer to your ownership documents to determine exactly what you own and what you need to insure.

Personal Property

Personal property consists of your general household belongings, such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, appliances, computers, kitchenware, etc., A condominium is an important investment. Keep yours well protected…with Condominium Insurance from Arbella Insurance Group. The amount of Personal Property coverage you purchase should reflect the total value of your belongings.

Personal property is covered anywhere in the world; however, refer to your policy for limitations. Some features to note about this coverage:
  • Any personal property normally kept at another residence or any other location, such as a college dormitory, is limited to 10 percent of the Coverage C amount.
  • The basic policy covers personal property on an actual cash value basis. This means that each item is covered for its market value at the time of a loss. You may want to change your policy to Replacement Cost coverage for an additional premium.

Loss of Use

This part of your policy provides coverage for additional expenses you may incur if part of your condo unit becomes unusable due to a covered loss. This can include costs for a hotel or restaurant bills until the repairs to your condominium are made.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability coverage protects you in the event that you are sued for bodily injury or property damage caused by your negligence. An example of this is a slip-and-fall accident that occurs within your unit. Coverage for defense and court costs is included at no additional cost.

Medical Payments to Others

Medical Payment coverage pays for medical expenses caused by injuries that occur on your premises or caused by you or an animal you own. You do not need to be legally liable